Selected research from leading health care experts whose findings have a direct bearing on public policies effecting medical progress. Research is chosen based on its quality and relevance by the Medical Progress Today editorial staff.

Selected Research

Statins May Curb Risk of "Clinically Important" Prostate Cancer
Medscape, 4-19-05

Researchers have reported results from a large observational study that that “statin therapy may protect against the development of advanced prostate cancer.”

Dr. Elizabeth A. Platz, from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and colleagues at the National Cancer Institute and Harvard University used data from the Health Professionals Follow-up Study to evaluate the possible protective effects of cholesterol-lowering drugs including statins on the risk of prostate cancer…Data analysis showed men who used any type of cholesterol-lowering agent had roughly half the risk of developing advanced prostate cancer and roughly one third the risk of developing metastatic or fatal prostate cancer as those who did not use these agents.

"If the conclusions continue to hold up over time, there is great translational potential for preventing invasive and metastatic prostate cancer," Dr. Platz said.

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