Selected research from leading health care experts whose findings have a direct bearing on public policies effecting medical progress. Research is chosen based on its quality and relevance by the Medical Progress Today editorial staff.

Selected Research

Analyzing the Kerry and Bush Health Proposals: Estimates of Cost and Impact
Joseph R. Antos, Ph.D., American Enterprise Institute, 9-13-04

Joseph Antos and team of "independent actuaries and cost estimators" have presented a study with the most detailed analysis to date of the competing health proposals issued by the rival presidential campaigns. To date, the only estimate of the Kerry campaign has been issued by Kenneth Thorpe, an economist at Emory University who is also a Kerry advisor. The study found that:

The Kerry plan would increase federal spending over the ten-year period 20062015 by $1.5 trillion. Over the same period, the Bush plan would cost the federal government $128.6 billion.

Under their proposals, Senator Kerry would dedicate $622 billion to the uninsured; President Bush would commit $39.4 billion.

The Kerry plan would newly insure 27.3 million Americans. The Bush plan would newly insure 6.7 million.

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