Selected research from leading health care experts whose findings have a direct bearing on public policies effecting medical progress. Research is chosen based on its quality and relevance by the Medical Progress Today editorial staff.

Selected Research

Prices and Availability of Pharmaceuticals: Evidence from Nine Countries
Patricia Danzon, Michael F. Furukawa, Health Affairs, 10-29-03

The popular perception is that Americans pay substantially more for prescription drugs than other industrialized nations, and that drug costs are an unfair burden imposed on U.S. consumers. But is this true? This study finds that the cost of drugs in the U.S., when compared to eight other advanced nations, can be almost totally accounted for by differences in exchange rates and national income. Once these factors are taken into account, even Canadian drugs turn out not to be substantially less expensive than their American counterparts. This suggests that Americans may not benefit from proposals for drug importation.

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