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Selected Research

Vaccination Success Rate and Reaction Profile With Diluted and Undiluted Smallpox Vaccine
Sandra M. Yoder, MT, Patricia L. Winokur, MD, Thomas R. Talbot, MD, MPH, Jack T. Stapleton, MD, Michael T. Rock, PhD, Teresa Germanson, PhD, MPH, Kathryn M. Edwards, MD, James E. Crowe, Jr, MD, Rebecca C. Brady, MD, David I. Bernstein, MD, The Journal of the American Medical Association, 9-8-04

The stockpile of vaccines to treat patients in the event of a bioterror attack is currently quite limited. However, this study finds that the standard vaccine treatment for smallpox, the Aventis Pasteur smallpox vaccine (APSV), is still effective even at diluted doses; however, "reactogenicity was not reduced with dilution of the vaccine and, as with other smallpox vaccines, may impair daily activities." In other words, the diluted vaccine is effective, but it also still causes the adverse effects associated with an undiluted dose.

This is a welcome finding since it multiplies the number of effective doses at our disposal in the event of an attack but it is disquieting to think that we are still dependent on a smallpox vaccine that was developed 50 years ago using now-antiquated technology.

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