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Selected Research

HPV Vaccine May Be Safe and Protective
Medscape, 4-11-06

Cancer vaccines are one of the fastest growing areas of cancer research, and one of the few vaccines that has already proven its worth is a vaccine to prevent cervical cancer, which is most commonly caused by a viral infection. In this article, Medscape reports that the vaccine also offers long lasting protection to patients.
Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine is highly immunogenic and safe and offers protection for up to 4.5 years, according to follow–up results of a randomized study published in the April 6 Early Online Publication issue of The Lancet.

"These findings set the stage for the widescale adoption of HPV vaccination for prevention of cervical cancer," lead author Diane M. Harper, MD, from Dartmouth Medical School in Lebanon, NH, said in a news release.

The authors note that effective vaccination against HPV 16 and HPV 18 to prevent cervical cancer requires a high degree of sustained protection against infection and precancerous lesions.

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