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California Dreamin'
Grace-Marie Turner, Galen Institute, 8-5-05

Turner takes issue with a recent report by John Garamendi, the California State Insurance Commissioner, which attacks health savings accounts and consumer-driven health care in general. In this short piece, Turner takes on several of Garamendiís charges and refutes them.

[The report charges that] consumer directed plans "put the entire health system at risk" because they attract the young and healthy into leaner plans, leaving the older and sicker in traditional plans.
In fact, Assurant Health found that 29% of its HSA policyholders had incomes of less than $50,000, 57% were over age 40, and 73% were families with children. Importantly, America's Health Insurance Plans found that 37% of those purchasing HSAs were previously uninsured. Further, eHealthInsurance found that most people with HSAs opt for more comprehensive plans that cover 100% of hospitalization, doctors' visits, lab tests, emergency room visits, and prescription drugs after the deductible. Not so "lean."

Project FDA.
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