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Who's Minding Medicaid?
The New York Times, 7-20-05

The Times follows up its three part series on New York's corruption-riddled Medicaid program with an editorial calling for reform:

New York's Medicaid program has always had a reputation as the Cadillac of state health care programs. The 4.2 million people in the state's program have access to some of the best and most complete medical coverage in the country. The very fact that it's so generous makes it particularly critical that the public is assured that money is not being wasted. Unfortunately, the opposite seems to be true. As revealed by a year's investigation by Clifford J. Levy and Michael Luo of The Times, New York's $44.5 billion Medicaid program has become a honey pot for unscrupulous practitioners.

The Times, however, glosses over the fundamental problem with the program: once ostensibly a safety-net for poor New Yorkers, the program is now a "Cadillac" that invites fraud and waste because it has no mechanisms to control demand for services.

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