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Health Savings Accounts for Seniors
Washington Times, 5-21-05

The Washington Times believes that Medicare’s “financial woes” can be addressed by transitioning seniors into health-savings accounts.

Let recipients have health-savings accounts, let them use Medicare funds to buy high-deductible insurance and then let them put the rest of their Medicare money into HSAs. Allowed to do this, seniors would opt out of the prescription-drug benefit and choose the better coverage that the combination of HSAs and high- deductible insurance can provide. This would save the U.S. Treasury billions annually, not to mention giving seniors greater control over health-care options and cutting inefficiencies. …
To ward off insurers that would "cherry pick" the healthiest seniors…[insurers would not be allowed to adjust] premiums based on a senior's recent medical utilization. Every senior would pay the same amount whether they visit a doctor twice a month or once a year, and insurers would be obligated to take them.

Project FDA.
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