Leading policy-makers and scholars explain how market forces, deregulation, and consumer choice can work to improve health care for all Americans.


A New Prescription for Health Care
David Gratzer, National Review Online, 5-16-05

David Gratzer, a Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute and author of this week’s Spotlight article, takes issue with the design of America’s employer-based health care system.

The health-tax exclusion [for employee health benefits] is regressive, helping the CEO far more than the mail clerk. For someone earning $100,000 a year, the government spends nearly four times more on health insurance than for an employee who makes just $20,000.
Employer-funded health insurance is a quirky development of [World War II era] wage and price controls. An alternative would be a health-care system built on individuals and families purchasing their own health coverage. The advantages are numerous…

A health insurance system based on individual control, Gratzer says, would vastly improve health-insurance portability; expand consumer choice; free labor movement, by allowing employees to shift jobs without fear of losing health-care coverage; and spur more health-care reform.

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