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Commentary: Prescription for Disaster; The District's proposal to regulate the price of drugs would hinder scientific progress.
Washington Post, 5-8-05

The Post weighs in on a topic we discussed last week: legislation passed by the D.C. City Council designed to ensure “reasonably priced” prescription drugs by threatening to steal drug patents from companies who resist the city’s strong arm tactics.

Under the guise of protecting the "public health and safety" of District residents, the D.C. Council passed a bill last week that would allow the District essentially to steal the patents for prescription drugs from pharmaceutical companies that do their own research and development and give them to generic drug manufacturers to produce the drugs at "lower costs" [Metro, May 4]. …
If the District wants to protect “public health and safety” of its residents, it should spend its money on health programs for its residents, such as a better emergency response system, expanded prenatal care and more accessible health clinics.

Project FDA.
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