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Health Bulletin
Center for the New Europe, 5-1-05

The Center for the New Europe highlights the findings of a study by the European Cancer Research Managers Forum (partly funded by the European Commission) that the gap between cancer research funding in the U.S. and E.U. is much larger than had been expected:

US per capita spending (17.63) is seven times that in the EU (2.56), and its spending as a percentage of gross domestic product is four times that in the EU. …
Gordon McVie, senior consultant to the European Institute of Oncology in Milan, described the findings as "a clarion call" to the European Commission…to increase its funding. "The survey shows that Europe is a second class continent in terms of cancer research funding." …

At least part of this gap can be explained by European restrictions on pricing and access to new medicines, even for cancer. Research talent and investment capital, consequently, follow the best returns on investment, which are found in the U.S.

Project FDA.
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