Leading policy-makers and scholars explain how market forces, deregulation, and consumer choice can work to improve health care for all Americans.


How to Fix Health Care
Dan Crippen, Washington Post, 5-1-05

America’s population, as the saying goes, isn’t getting any younger. And as we age, our health care costs will inevitably rise. How can we deal effectively with those added costs without rationing health care or compromising on quality? Dan Crippen thinks that we need better data on the patients who require the most intensive, and expensive, health care.

We need to know more about these patients. Only recently have government agencies begun to assemble the mountains of data the government collects into patient records. ...As we collect data, we can begin to assess the state of knowledge on treatment of multiple conditions to determine the best forms of treatment, including pharmaceuticals, and the best settings for treatments. …With proper incentives, we can have physicians coordinating the entire care regimes of the chronically ill, regulating the prescriptions and doing everything in their power to provide the best treatment without using the hospital as a default. The patient will get better care, and Medicare will recoup big savings.

Project FDA.
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