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FDA in a pain-pill panic
Washington Times, 4-26-05

Can statistics guarantee safety? Not according Donald Devine, Professor at Bellevue University. Devine says that it is impossible to eliminate all risk and that the FDA is overreliant on statistics to establish “safety.”

Pain sufferers would not even have access to aspirin if it had to be tested under [current] FDA procedures. Aspirin existed before FDA and did not pass through its bizarre bureaucratic process. Aspirin creates stomach problems for some, which is why other drugs were developed. If the FDA had existed when aspirin was developed, there simply would be no unrestricted pain medicine on the market today. Human beings desire certainty. So the myths of purely objective science and absolute safety are very popular. FDA's actions are unsurprising. It must deal with a Congress and public that want certainty over science. FDA desperately needs a less bureaucratic process that gives patients choice.

Project FDA.
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