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Timothy Hla, The Boston Globe, 3-25-05

Human nature being what it is, we are always prone avoid a known risk rather than pursue an uncertain good. Timothy Hla was one of the scientists involved in the discovery of the Cox-2 gene and he is particularly well positioned to offer up his reflections on the potential benefits and risks of these now much maligned drugs.

Because Cox-2 inhibitors have tremendous potential for the prevention and/or treatment of cancer and Alzheimer’s disease, it is extremely important that thoughtful consideration of risks vs. benefits be given to current as well as proposed future uses of these drugs. As one of the scientists involved in the discovery of the Cox-2 gene, I believe that the potential role of Cox-2 is significant enough that we must not let the commotion over adverse effects force us to ignore an entire class of drugs with tremendous potential for controlling human disease.

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