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Kianna's Legacy
Wall Street Journal, 3-29-05

This editorial follows up on last week’s Journal article on Kianna Karnes, a kidney cancer patient who couldn’t get access to potentially life-saving experimental treatments because of the FDA’s “fetish for placebo-controlled testing of cancer drugs.” The companies mentioned in the article contacted Ms. Karnes almost immediately after the article ran to try and get her access to their treatments but, unfortunately, Ms. Karnes succumbed to her disease this week. The Journal writes that it is a

…national scandal that cancer sufferers should have to be written about in The Wall Street Journal to be offered legal access to emerging therapies once they’ve run out of other options. The FDA’s oncology division has proven to be essentially incorrigible on this point in recent years, so it’s time for Congressional action mandating the use of 21st-century science and statistical methods to get these therapies to patients sooner.

Project FDA.
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