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Life is Too Short Here to Worry About HIV
Roger Bate, Tech Central Station, 3-11-05

Discussion of the AIDS crisis in Africa hinges mostly on funding and foreign aid, particularly for antiretroviral drugs. Unfortunately, less discussion is devoted to how we should address the political and economic roadblocks that hinder treatment and magnify the diseases’ terrible toll.

For instance under Robert Mugabe’s dictatorship, “Zimbabwe's rapidly escalating humanitarian disaster, which has manifested itself in chronic shortages of food, medicine, fuel, electricity and hard cash, has driven over three million Zimbabweans into South Africa, Botswana and other neighboring states. Prior to the crisis, Zimbabwe's population estimate was 12 million, which means that over 25 percent of the population is now living elsewhere. The diaspora of Zimbabweans into neighboring countries either to escape political victimization by President Mugabe's regime or to find work is substantially worsening the AIDS problem in southern Africa. Many refugees report being assaulted or raped on arrival and destitute young women frequently end up as prostitutes.”

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