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Viable Vioxx
Wall Street Journal, 2-22-05

Last week the FDA advisory committee on Cox-2 drugs ruled that Vioxx should be allowed back on the market, albeit that all drugs in the same class should receive powerful label warnings about potential cardiovascular side-effects.

The Journal says that “[t]his is great news for anyone who might ever have a need for chronic pain management, or indeed an interest in a rational regulatory environment for all future drug development. And it’s a well-deserved rebuke to the nexus of trial lawyers and journalists who whipped up such disproportionate hysteria about the Cox-2s last fall.”

They also praise acting FDA Commissioner Lester Crawford, who allowed 3 days of open hearings on the issue, where everyone, including Cox-2 critics, were given a fair hearing. Ultimately, however, “decisions about the risks and benefits of Cox-2s and other drugs should almost always rest with doctors and patients, not Washington bureaucrats.”

Project FDA.
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