Leading policy-makers and scholars explain how market forces, deregulation, and consumer choice can work to improve health care for all Americans.


How Technocrats are Taking Over the Practice of Medicine: A Wake-Up Call to the American People
Twila Brase, Citizens Council on Health Care, 1-1-05

This report criticizes the development of “evidenced based medicine” (EBM) as an initiative that “involves a technocratic takeover of the practice of medicine through health data collection, guideline creation, intrusive clinical surveillance, pay-for-performance strategies, and centralized medical decision making.”

Brase is concerned that, once implemented, EBM “will lead to a limited list of approved health care services…as determined by the agendas and values of a small cadre of politically motivated, personally biased individuals sitting around a table making treatment decisions far from the patient’s bedside.”

Project FDA.
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