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Remove unnecessary regulatory barriers on development of nutritionally enhanced food staples, Says Campaign for Fighting Diseases
Campaign for Fighting Diseases, 11-4-04

Biotechnology represents one of the most promising new technologies for eradicating hunger, eliminating diseases from nutrient deficiencies, and reducing the use of pesticides in the environment - that is, if regulators can bring themselves to evaluate these new tools honestly and fairly.

The Campaign for Fighting diseases “calls for the removal of unnecessary barriers on the development and use of biotechnology to improve the benefits of food staples in poor countries.” This would be a great gain for the developing world, but some Luddites in the environmental movement in Europe and America (where nutrient deficiencies are practically unheard of) are using the “precautionary principle” to keep poor nations environmentally pristine - while people are dying.

Question: Are these the same people who criticize the pharmaceutical companies for being cold-hearted?

Project FDA.
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