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Health Savings Accounts and the FEHBP: Perfect Together
Andrew Grossman, Robert E. Moffit, Ph.D., Heritage Foundation, 9-21-04

Opponents of HSAs in Congress have been trying to strip the HSA options from the Federal Employees Health Benefits Plan, using the argument that HSAs will promote adverse selection, i.e. healthy patients will flock to HSAs, leaving the sickest and most expensive in the FEHBP system. Moffit and Grossman argue that the best evidence available shows a different story: "even enrollees with a history of illness or expectation of high medical expenses can benefit from plans with savings accounts and solid catastrophic coverage. Sicker enrollees often dislike traditional managed care the most because they, even more than other patients, want greater control over their health care decisions." Members of Congress should reject this attempt to sabotage HSAs and continue to promote them as powerful tools for promoting consumer choice and lowering health care costs.

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