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Drug companies under attack
Elizabeth Whelan, Washington Times, 9-21-04

Whelan points out that Marcia Angell’s new book, The Truth About the Drug Companies: How They Deceive Us and What to Do About It, makes two contradictory arguments: the first is that the drug industry doesn’t produce any useful drugs. The second is that the public badly needs important drugs that are too expensive. So which is it? Are the useless drugs overpriced? If so, no one needs them; they are useless. In short, if the "drugs are too expensive, the logical follow-up is: Compared to what? Premature death? Weeks or months of hospitalization? Pain and suffering, say, from osteoarthritis?" Angell doesn’t answer the logical follow-up question because it would weaken her ideological prosecution of the pharmaceutical industry. Some of the people who could answer this question: the thousands of AIDs, cancer, and heart disease patients who are alive today thanks to the industry’s useless drugs.

Project FDA.
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