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State plans miss the point
USA Today, 1-15-07

Sally Pipes, president of the San Francisco based Pacific Research Institute, warns that Gov. Schwarzenegger's plan for universal health care coverage in California will flounder on account of high costs and wide–ranging government restrictions on patient choice.

Schemes based on individual mandates will require new and extreme regulation of the private insurance market. Under California's plan, insurers won't be able to turn down anyone based on health status or age, a policy that causes premiums to skyrocket. In 1993, premiums jumped 500% when New Jersey passed a similar regulation.

Americans are highly conflicted when it comes to health care. We think the quality of the system is poor, yet we praise our individual care. We support universal coverage, but not if it entails any restrictions or costs more. Arnold and company better hope that these sentiments don't apply to California, because the move to universal coverage not only costs more, but will only come from mandates and will arrive with plenty of restrictions.

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