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· What Happened to U.S. Health Care Costs?, Megan McArdle, The Atlantic, 12-1-10
· Want to Lower Health Costs? Start Fighting Fat, Dr. David Gratzer, FrumForum, 12-2-10
· You Don't Actually Have to Be Engaged In Commerce For Your Choices to Be Regulated Under the Commerce Clause, Peter Suderman, Reason, 12-1-10
· States Preparing to Fight Back Against ObamaCare, Grace-Marie Turner, Health Reform Report, 12-1-10
· Bad recipe for better health: Food regulations whet America's appetite for loopholes, Dr. David Gratzer, The Washington Times, 12-1-10
· If ObamaCare's Individual Mandate Goes, Then What?, Peter Suderman, Reason, 11-30-10
· Anti-Vaccine Ads at the Movies, Steven Salzberg, Forbes' Science Business, 11-29-10
· The Conquering Bureaucracy, Keith E. Whittington, Reason, December 2010
· Replace The Tattered Medicaid Long-Term Care Safety Net, Howard Gleckman, Kaiser Health News, 11-29-10
· Postponing ObamaCare, Wall Street Journal Editorial Board, Wall Street Journal, 11-26-10
· Keeping the Specter of Alzheimer's at Bay, Michael Hodin, Fiscal Times' Age and Reason, 11-26-10
· Thoughtful Purchasing At CMS, Dan Mendelson and Tanisha Carino, Health Affairs Blog, 11-24-10
· Government By Waiver: The Breakdown Of Public Administration, Richard Epstein, Forbes' The Libertarian, 11-23-10
· The Doctor Con, Editorial Board, Wall Street Journal, 11-22-10
· The Roadmap Lives, James C. Capretta, Kaiser Health News, 11-22-10
· Implementing Health Reform: Emerging Guidance On Insurance Exchanges, Timothy Jost, Health Affairs Blog, 11-19-10
· Obamacare will fail without tort reform: Malpractice insurance costs are crippling medicine, Dr. Michael Lavyne, NY Daily News, 11-19-10
· Does The FDA Really Need More Power?, Conn Carroll, Heritage Morning Bell, 11-18-10
· Airline security: Are the sheep rebelling?, Scott E. Harrington, 11-16-10
· AIDS Drugs - For Profit Or Not?, Josh Ruxin, Forbes' Science Business, 11-17-10
· GOP ideas can fix health care reform, Senator John Barrasso, Politico, 11-17-10
· More Fraudulent Papers Coming From the US?, Derek Lowe, InthePipeline, 11-17-10
· Doc Fix Problem Still Not Fixed, Peter Suderman, Reason, 11-16-10
· Debunking Richard Cohen: How Does the U.S. Health-Care System Stack Up?, Tom Miller, National Review Online, 11-16-10
· Assessing The Fiscal Commission Co-Chairs' Proposal, Health Affairs, 11-12-10
· Medicare's Soviet Label, New York Times' Economix, 11-12-10
· Docs, providers would make sacrifices under deficit-reduction scheme, Fierce Health Care, 11-12-10
· Health Care Law Hits the Most Vulnerable, Real Clear Politics, 11-12-10
· Officials in "Roughly a Dozen" States Now Exploring the Option of Dropping Out of Medicaid, Reason, 11-12-10
· Manhattan Moment: How Republicans can break Obamacare before they repeal it, Washington Examiner, 11-10-10
· PhRMA quietly spends big in 2010, Politico, 11-10-10
· Should States Establish Obamacare Insurance Exchanges?, NRO, 11-9-10
· Majority of Public Not Convinced That ObamaCare Will Make Their Lives Better, Reason, 11-9-10
· Try Small Reforms To ObamaCare Before Going All-Out For Repeal, IBD, 11-9-10
· Opposing view on medical reform: Repeal and replace ObamaCare, USA Today, 11-8-10
· GOP won't deal, health care law won't change, CNN, 11-8-10
· Issa plans hundreds of hearings, Politico, 11-8-10
· AMA Warns of 'Catastrophe' Without 13-Month 'Doc Fix', Wall Street Journal, 11-8-10
· Hearing Aid, Center for Medicine in the Public Interest, 11-9-10
· How Medicare Killed the Family Doctor, Wall Street Journal, 11-8-10
· Irrational about healthcare rationing, Los Angeles Times, 11-8-10
· Unintended Consequences of Health Care Reform: Everyone's a Criminal But Nobody Cares, The Happy Hospitalist, 11-7-10
· Competition's Shortcomings in Curtailing Health Care Costs, NYT's Economix, 11-5-10
· Health Care Votes Hurt Democrats, The Atlantic, 11-5-10
· AARP Blames ObamaCare for Hike in Employee Health Insurance Costs, Reason, 11-5-10
· Where Do Drugs Come From?, The Atlantic, 11-4-10
· Conservatives Urge Aggressive Approach To Overturning Health Reform, Health Affairs Blog, 11-4-10
· Medicare and the Republicans, New York Times, 11-4-10
· GOP: The Fight Is Not Over, Forbes, 11-4-10
· McConnell: No Mood for Compromise, Wall Street Journal, 11-4-10
· Who Voted And What It Meant, Health Affairs Blog, 11-3-10
· Obamacare Takes a Shellacking, National Review Online, 11-3-10
· No Rx for health care compromise, Politico, 11-3-10
· Few Democrats survive healthcare vote, The Hill's Healthwatch, 11-2-10
· TRIM21: A Cure For the Common Cold? Maybe Not. . ., In the Pipeline, 11-3-10
· Health care 'nos' help Dems at risk, Politico, 11-3-10
· Reform's future hangs in the balance, Politico, 11-2-10
· What will a GOP win mean for health-care reform?, Washington Post's Ezra Klein, 11-2-10
· Could GOP win truly affect the health-care overhaul?, Washington Post, 11-1-10
· The Alzheimer's Global Challenge, Fiscal Times' Blog: Age and Reason, 11-1-10
· The other part of safety & innovation, Drug Wonks, 11-1-10
· Drugs At Home, In the Pipeline, 11-1-10
· Confessions of a Price Controller, AEI's The American, 10-30-10
· What Is An 'Essential Benefit'?, Health Affairs Blog, 10-29-10
· Causing More Harm than Good: Conflict-of-Interest Rules Thwart Medical Progress,, 10-26-10
· National Review: In Health Care, Cure Trumps Insure, National Review Online, 10-29-10
· Boehner on Medicare Cuts: No Thanks!, Reason, 10-28-10
· Innovations For a Longer Quality of Life, Fiscal Times' Age and Reason, 10-28-10
· The Age of Alzheimer's, Retired Associate Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor in NYT, 10-27-10
· Confidentiality: We're Telling You for the Last Time, Drug and Device Blog, 10-25-10
· Side Effects: Obamacare Strengthens Compliance-Based Medicine, Heritage, 10-22-10
· How to save lives, The Economist, 10-21-10
· ObamaCare's Incentive to Drop Insurance, Wall Street Journal, 10-21-10
· Malpractice Methodology, New York Times, 10-20-10
· Is Home Base for Health Care Increasingly, Er, the Home?, Wall Street Journal Health Blog, 10-20-10
· Is Cancer A Disease of the Modern World?, In the Pipeline Blog, 10-20-10
· ObamaCare, for Some, Wall Street Journal, 10-20,10
· Can the Government Require You to Eat Asparagus?, Reason's Hit and Run, 10-19-10
· The learned intermediary doctrine comes to South Dakota, Drug and Device Law Blog, 10-19-10
· Proving Innovation in Medicare, New York Times, 10-19-10
· Campaign Claims: Health Law Myths And Facts, Kaiser Health News, 10-19-10
· Killing Marcus Welby, AEI, 10-18-10
· Examiner Editorial: How new GOP Congress can repeal, replace Obamacare, Washington Examiner, 10-17-10
· Another senior moment, Washington Post, 10-16-10
· Health Reform: What Is The Future For Undocumented Aliens?, Health Affairs, 10-15-10
· Don't Give Trial Lawyers This Booster Shot, AEI's The American, 10-15-10
· Voters on ObamaCare: Informed and Opposed, Wall Street Journal, 10-15-10
· No Mercy, National Review Online, 10-15-10
· Obamacare: Condition Serious, Prognosis Grim, National Review Online, 10-15-10
· Budget Busting Old Age Disease, The Fiscal Times' Age and Reason, 10-11-10
· Anthem Approved For Health Insurance Rate Hikes As High As 47 Percent, Courant's Insurance Captial, 10-14-10
· Reviving the FDA, New England Journal of Medicine, 10-14-10
· The Health Reform (Almost) Everyone Loves, Kaiser Health News, 10-14-10
· How to Reform ObamaCare Starting Now, Wall Street Journal, 10-14-10
· ObamaCare blowback, Boston Globe, 10-13-10
· Boehner's 'Plan B' for ObamaCare, Editorial, Wall Street Journal, 10-12-10
· The Insurance Straw Man, James C. Capretta, Kaiser Health News, 10-11-10
· The Obamacare Follies, Matthew Continetti, Weekly Standard, 10-11-10
· The Failed Promise of Genomics, Editorial, Wall Street Journal, 10-9-10
· OPINION: THE FDA AND AVASTIN; Government offering strong dose of hubris, The Oklahoman, 10-9-10
· The State of Obesity and Obesity Research, The Journal of American Medicine Association, 10-9-10
· ObamaCare and the Election, Editorial, Wall Street Journal, 10-7-10
· Reminding Ourselves What Has Gone Right With The Health Law, Editorial, Kaiser Health News, 10-7-10
· Becoming Accountable—Opportunities and Obstacles for ACOs, Harold S. Luft, Ph.D., The New England Journal of Medicine, 10-7-10
· Another Empty Promise of ObamaCare: More Jobs, Thomas Miller, The American, 10-6-10
· The Midterm Elections -- High Stakes for Health Policy, Henry J. Aaron, Ph.D., The New England Journal of Medicine, 10-6-10
· Reviving the FDA, Susan Okie, M.D., The New England Journal of Medicine, 10-6-10
· Health Care's Uneven Road to a New Era, David Leonhardt, New York Times, 10-5-10
· How About We Just Go Ahead and Assume You Didn't Like Your Health Care Plan?, Peter Suderman, Reason, 10-5-10
· Manchin vs. Obama(Care), Editorial, Wall Street Journal, 10-5-10
· ObamaCare can and must be repealed, Dennis Byrne, Chicago Tribune, 10-5-10
· The 'Pay for Delay' Rap, Editorial, Wall Stree Journal, 10-5-10
· I-Spy 2 Trial Tries to Shake Up Cancer Drug Development, Ron Winslow, Wall Street Journal Health Blog, 10-4-10
· Medical Loss Ratio Rule Should Encourage Health Care Fraud Fighting, Louis Saccoccio, Kaiser Health News, 10-4-10
· Health Care‚Äôs Lost Weekend, Peter Orszag, New York Times, 10-3-10
· The Obamacare myth: Keeping your coverage, Editorial, Union-Leader, 10-3-10
· McDonald's fires a warning shot about healthcare reform, Editorial, Los Angeles Times, 10-1-10
· How ObamaCare's exchanges undermine quality health care, Peter Suderman, Reason, 9-30-10
· The Big Mac Attack On ObamaCare, Editorial, Investor's Business Daily, 9-30-10
· Obamacare victims, Editoiral, Boston Herald, 9-30-10
· Fix Medicare's Bizarre Auction Program, Ian Ayres and Peter Cramton, NYT Freakonomics Blog, 9-30-10
· Medicaid Spending Growth Exceeds Expectations, Chris Fleming, Health Affairs, 9-30-10
· The Repeal Pledge, Editorial, Wall Street Journal, 9-30-10
· Health care overhaul is a lemon, Dr. Eric Novack, Washington Times, 9-29-10
· The Way Forward On Health Care, And No, It's Not Obamacare, Paul Howard & Douglas Holtz-Eakin, FOX Forum, 9-29-10
· ObamaCare & the Costs of the Welfare State, Charles Kesler,, 9-28-10
· Health Insurers Finally Get Some Oversight, Kathleen Sebelius, Wall Street Journal, 9-28-10
· ObamaCare's Hotel California, Editorial, Wall Street Journal, 9-28-10
· Returning To The Argument: Can Health Reform Reduce Costs, Jonathan Cohn, Kaiser Health News, 9-27-10
· Empty Promises, John Goodman, Kaiser Health News, 9-27-10
· HEALTH CARE: 'You Dummies', Editorial, Richmond Times-Dispatch, 9-27-10
· Kids 0, Insurance 0, Editorial, Wall Street Journal, 9-25-10
· Competition On Access: A Role For Government In Health Care Markets, Austin Frakt and Rexford Santerre, Kaiser Health News, 9-24-10
· Wasn't ObamaCare Supposed to Be Popular By Now?, Peter Suderman, Reason, 9-23-10
· Can the G.O.P. Repeal the Health Care Law?, James C. Capretta, NYT Room For Debate, 9-23-10
· ObamaCare's mandates mean ever-rising costs for U.S. consumers, Grace-Marie Turner, The Sacramento Bee, 9-23-10
· Still No Good News for ObamaCare, Joseph Antos, The American, 9-23-10
· Still No Good News for ObamaCare, Joseph Antos, The American, 9-23-10
· Democrats Flee as Obama Speaks, Hal Scherz,, 9-22-10
· Orszag vs. Medicaid, John R. Graham, NRO Critical Condition, 9-21-10
· 'Off label,' but not off target?, Editorial, Boston Globe, 9-21-10
· How Health Plan Choices Will Dwindle, Steve Krupa, Investor's Business Daily, 9-21-10
· Entitlement nation, Editorial, Chicago Tribune, 9-21-10
· Health "Reform" Will Haunt Dems, Scott Gottlieb, New York Post, 9-19-10
· GOP 'Repeal And Replace' Strategy Lacks Merit, Jonathan Cohn, collaboration between KHN and The New Republic, 9-16-10
· Preparing for a Consumer-Driven Genomic Age, James P. Evans, M.D., Ph.D., David C. Dale, M.D., and Cathy Fomous, Ph.D., The New England Journal of Medicine, 9-16-10
· The FDA could rescind Avastin's breast cancer approval any day, but it shouldn't, Merrill Matthews,, 9-15-10
· How ObamaCare Guts Medicare, Peter Ferrara and Larry Hunter, Wall Street Journal, 9-9-10
· The Federal Heath-Care Tease, Editorial, Wall Street Journal, 9-9-10
· National Health Spending Projections: The Estimated Impact Of Reform Through 2019, Andrea M. Sisko, Christopher J. Truffer, Sean P. Keehan, John A. Poisal, M. Kent Clemens and Andrew J. Madison, Health Affairs, 9-9-10
· ObamaCare 'Amnesia', Editorial, Wall Street Journal, 9-9-10
· Fueling the Health-Cost Fire, Grace-Marie Turner, NRO, 9-9-10
· States fight Obamacare, Sally C. Pipes, San Francisco Chronicle, 9-8-10
· Insurers Raising Rates: Is Health Care Reform to Blame?, Megan McArdle, The Atlantic, 9-8-10
· In Defense of Physician Autonomy, Saul Greenfield, Wall Street Journal, 9-7-10
· The Ever Growing FDA, EyeOnFDA, 9-7-10
· How Government Gets Ripped Off, Evan Falchuk, See First, 9-7-10
· Wyden Defects on ObamaCare, Editorial, Wall Street Journal, 9-3-10
· The Stakes of Obamacare, The Claremont Institute, 9-3-10
· ObamaCare and the Constitution, Reason, August-September 2010
· Health care takes center stage, Editorial, Daily Globe, 9-2-10
· Debunking Medicare Myths, James C. Capretta, Kaiser Health News, 9-2-10
· Time to take action against portions of healthcare law, Sen. Orrin Hatch, The Hill, 9-1-10
· What health care reform will mean to your business, Matt McClellan, Smart Business, 9-1-10
· Side Effects: Future of Private Insurance Rests in Secretary Sebelius' Hands, Kathryn Nix,, 9-1-10
· Yet Another Underfunded Bridge Program Brought To You By ObamaCare, Peter Suderman, Reason, 9-1-10
· Obamacare and the Excise Tax, Joel Alicea, National Review Online, 9-1-10
· New impetus for palliative care, Editorial, Boston Globe, 9-1-10
· Dear Patients: Vote to Repeal ObamaCare, Hal Scherz, Wall Street Journal, 9-1-10
· HHS Secretary- we will 'reeducate' you on ObamaCare, Bruce McQuain, Washington Examiner, 8-31-10
· Is Health Care Why Dems Are Losing?, Johnathan Chait, New Republic, 8-31-10
· No Refills, Megan McArdle, The Atlantice, July/August 2010
· Michelle Obama's Federal Fat Farm, Michael Tennant, New American, 8-31-10
· Health Care Reform Has Endangered the Democratic Majority, Jay Cost, RealClearPolitics, 8-31-10
· Obamacare undermines our right to health care, John R. Graham, Washington Examiner, 8-30-10
· GAO Issues Report on Non-Inferiority Studies; Finds No Evidence of ‚ÄúBiocreep,‚ÄĚ But More Conservative Use of Such Studies to Support Approval, Kurt R. Karst, FDA Law Blog, 8-30-10
· The Gospel According to Ken Arrow, Avik Roy, NRO's "Critical Condition," 8-30-10
· Egg debacle reveals loopholes, Editorial, Boston Globe, 8-30-10
· ObamaCare: Counting Calories, Not Costs, Michael Tennant, New American, 8-30-10
· It Should Be No Surprise, John Hood, Carolina Journal Online, 8-30-10
· The Laugher Curve, David Catron, American Spectator, 8-30-10
· More health care fiction, Editorial, Boston Herald, 8-30-10
· Obamacare's Bureaucracy Nightmare, Tait Trussel, FrontPage Magazine, 8-30-10
· As Reform Improves The Overall Market, Inefficient Insurers Could Take Hits, Jonathan Cohn, Kaiser Health News and New Republic, 8-30-10
· Health care bill strips benefits, stymies innovation and hikes costs, Grace-Marie Turner, Juneau Empire, 8-27-10
· The Medicare reform illusion, Michael O. Leavitt, Washington Post, 8-27-10
· Bad health care news, but a good example to follow, Editorial, News Sentinel, 8-27-10
· ObamaCare's Deadly Consequences, Thomas Sowell,, 8-27-10
· A Basic Human Right to Obamacare?, Maggie Gallagher,, 8-27-10
· ObamaCare is political malpractice, Eric Novack, Daily Caller, 8-26-10
· ObamaCare: it's here, Scott Gottlieb, New York Post, 8-26-10
· If You Like Your Health Care Plan, You Can Start Beating Your Head Against the Wall Now, Peter Suderman,, 8-26-10
· Obamacare puts government run monopoly on fast track, Grace-Marie Turner, Detroit News, 8-26-10
· The First Victims of Health Care Reform, Kate Pickert, Time, 8-26-10
· Big Foot on Campus, Editorial, Wall Street Journal, 8-26-10
· The New Momentum Behind Electronic Health Records, Kathleen Sebelius, Kaiser Health News, 8-26-10
· Palin's Man vs. ObamaCare, John Fund, Wall Street Journal, 8-25-10
· Medicaid costs to soar under federal health care law, Gov. Dave Heineman, Fremont Tribune, 8-25-10
· What Does Health Reform Mean for You?, National Center for Policy Analysis, August 2010
· Avastin and Your Life, Paul Hsieh, PajamasMedia, 8-25-10
· Death Panel Siding, Robert M. Goldberg, American Spectator, 8-25-10
· Putting the Brakes on ObamaCare, Grace-Marie Turner, Wall Street Journal, 8-25-10
· A Question for Doctor Berwick, Paul Howard, NRO's "Critical Condition," 8-24-10
· The right to live, Armstrong Williams, The Hill's "Healthwatch," 8-24-10
· ObamaCare OTC: a prescription for confusion, Ron Bachman, Daily Caller, 8-24-10
· Repeal Obamacare? Get Your Congressman on the Record, Newt Gingrich, Human Events, 8-24-10
· Turning a Blind Eye to Medicaid's Abuses, David Gratzer, FrumForum, 8-24-10
· Medical Care Facts and Fables, Thomas Sowell,, 8-24-10
· Health Insurance Agents are the Canary in the Mine of ObamaCare, Bruce Kesler, Family Security Matters, 8-24-10
· For Obamacare supporters, judgment day approaches, Byron York, Washington Examiner, 8-24-10
· Obamacare's message of change, Editorial, Washington Times, 8-24-10
· ObamaCare Has Failed, Grace-Marie Turner,, 8-23-10
· Explaining ObamaCare To Stupid, Merrill Matthews,, 8-23-10
· Health care act's an unfolding nightmare, J.C. Watts, Arkansas News, 8-23-10
· Health Reform: Here We Go Again, Douglas Holtz-Eakin and Michael Ramlet, Kaiser Health News, 8-23-10
· Less Choice at Greater Cost, Kathryn Nix, Heartland Institute, 8-23-10
· ObamaCare's Tax on Taxes, Editorial, Wall Street Journal, 8-23-10
· On health care, state employees contributions must come closer to the private sector, Editorial, Seattle Times, 8-22-10
· Gone Are the Days of 'Hope,' Consumers Fear New Healthcare Reform Law, American Action Forum, 8-21-10
· Side Effects: What Obamacare and the Death Star have in Common, Kathryn Nix,, 8-20-10
· Dems Hope Insurers Are More Unpopular than Obamacare, David Gratzer, FrumForum, 8-20-10
· Healthcare Fiasco, Brent Budowsky, The Hill, 8-20-10
· The Real Tax Gap: Paying for Unfunded Benefits, Bruce Bartlett, Fiscal Times, 8-20-10
· Attacking a Crisis Early in the Cost Curve, Peter J. Pitts, Burrill Report, 8-20-10
· Let's fix Obamacare's tax paperwork problem for small business, Senator Mike Johanns, Washington Examiner, 8-20-10
· Fleecing the Cornhuskers, Brian Blase, National Review Online, 8-20-10
· ObamaCare: Ambushing Senior Citizens, Bob Ellis, Dakota Voice, 8-20-10
· Don't Tell Palin, Here Come The Death Panels, David Hogberg, IBD's "Capital Hill," 8-19-10
· ObamaCare = Buyer's Remorse, Senator Jim Inhofe, Tulsa Today, 8-19-10
· Filling The Medicare Doughnut Hole, Editorial, Ledger, 8-19-10
· What To Expect Under The Reign Of Berwick, Richard Amerling, Post Chronicle, 8-19-10
· Obamacare: A Parent's Worst Nightmare, Rob Bluey,, 8-19-10
· For Cost Control, Vouchers and Medicare Don't Mix, Austin Frakt, Kaiser Health News, 8-19-10
· How Conservatives Are Winning the Health Care Fight, David Gratzer, FrumForum, 8-18-10
· More Oversight Won't Mean Lower Premiums, Stanley Goldfarb, FrumForum, 8-18-10
· Obamacare's stealth ambush of senior citizens, David Freddoso, Washington Examiner, 8-18-10
· The Obamacare Disaster, Peter Ferrara, American Spectator, 8-18-10
· Three more things we learned about Obamacare after it passed, David Freddoso, Washington Examiner, 8-18-10
· The Avastin Mugging, Editorial, Wall Street Journal, 8-18-10
· Dept of Labor Report: Employer Health Coverage to Change for Most Americans, Rick Manning, Dakota Voice, 8-17-10
· Get Ready for Sebelius v. Insurers, Jonathan Cohn, New Republic, 8-17-10
· The Real Price Of Universal Health Care, Tim Minahan,, 8-17-10
· Transparency for Me, but not for Thee, Paul Hsieh, PajamasMedia, 8-17-10
· Why ObamaCare Must Be Repealed, Sally C. Pipes,, 8-17-10
· If You Think Paul Ryan's Roadmap is a Sham, You Should Look at Obamacare, Paul Howard,, 8-16-10
· Health Care Premiums Are Already Soaring In Advance of Obamacare, Bradley Blakeman,, 8-16-10
· Obama's Medicare czar faces life-and-death decisions, Editorial, Washington Examiner, 8-16-10
· Reform the reform studies, Neil McLaughlin, Modern Healthcare, 8-16-10
· Utah's Example: How States Can Respond to Obamacare, Gregg Girvan, Heartland Institute, 8-16-10
· Cuba's Cash-for-Doctors Program, Maria C. Werlau, Wall Street Journal, 8-16-10
· Are bigger health-care networks better or just creating a monopoly?, Alec MacGillis, Washington Post, 8-16-10
· Medicaid Cutbacks Not The Same As Private Insurance Rescission, Jonathan Cohn, Kaiser Health News and New Republic, 8-16-10
· Are We Losing the Fight Against Obesity?, David Gratzer, FrumForum, 8-13-10
· Challenges to Obamacare Build Momentum, Floyd and Mary Beth Brown,, 8-13-10
· Repeal Is Not Enough, Robert M. Goldberg, American Spectator, 8-13-10
· Repair? No, repeal ObamaCare, Robert Moffit, Lexington Herald Leader, 8-13-10
· A road map to saving Medicare, Paul Ryan, Washington Post, 8-13-10
· Radical vs. Sensible, Larry Wellikson, The Hospitalist, August 2010
· Replicating the Success of Prop C, Benjamin Evans, National Review Online, 8-12-10
· Repeal the Individual Mandate of Obamacare, Sally C. Pipes, Human Events, 8-12-10
· Making the World Safe for, Roger Bate, American, 8-12-10
· Washington vs. Paul Ryan, Editorial, Wall Street Journal, 8-12-10
· How AARP plays America's seniors for fools, Dr. Lawrence Hunter, Daily Caller, 8-11-10
· Magical Thinking in Washington, Paul Greenberg, Patriot Post, 8-11-10
· Think health reform will cut costs? Think again., James C. Capretta, USA Today, 8-11-10
· HHS Is Altering Its Deal. Pray It Does Not Alter It Any Further., Peter Suderman,, 8-11-10
· Obamacare doesn't work in the real world, Paul Howard, Washington Examiner, 8-11-10
· Repeal Obamacare: Small-Business Killer, Sally C. Pipes, Human Events, 8-11-10
· Obamacare's Tangled Web of Taxes, Maureen Martin, Health Care News, 8-11-10
· Promote health, not high costs, Editorial, Boston Globe, 8-11-10
· Virginia's Cuccinelli wins first round on Obamacare, Barbara Hollingsworth, Washington Examiner, 8-11-10
· A Fraud Exposed--and Ignored, James C. Capretta, NRO's "Critical Condition," 8-10-10
· Missouri's Blow Against Obamacare, David Gratzer, FrumForum, 8-10-10
· Doctors must be more vigilant, Editorial, Boston Globe, 8-10-10
· Health care reform promises many new benefits, Marilyn Tavenner, Washington Examiner, 8-10-10
· A Doctor's Prognosis for Obamacare - The Four Essential Problems With the Patient, Marc Siegel,, 8-10-10
· The Latest on Medicare and Social Security, Editorial, New York Times, 8-10-10
· ObamaCare, an over-hyped cure, Editorial, Trentonian, 8-10-10
· Health Law Expands Medicare Coverage Of Preventive Care, Michelle Andrews, Kaiser Health News, 8-10-10
· Did ObamaCare Get Medicare's Price Controls Right?, Michael F. Cannon, Cato@Liberty, 8-9-10
· Medicare Actuary Debunks ObamaCare "Savings", Michael Tennant, New American, 8-9-10
· FDA states cost 'not considered in any of our reviews', FDA Blog, 8-9-10
· Medicare numbers man disputes rosy outlook, Terry Savage, Chicago Sun-Times, 8-9-10
· Last in Credibility, David Gratzer and Merrill Matthews, The Weekly Standard, 8-16-10
· Senate Dysfunction and Health Care Cost Control: In Private-Sector We Trust?, Austin Frakt, Kaiser Health News, 8-9-10
· Boston should ban smoking in all public-housing units, Editorial, Boston Globe, 8-9-10
· Richard Foster for President, Editorial, Wall Street Journal, 8-9-10
· Obama using Andy Griffith to deceive seniors, Lawrence A. Hunter, Washington Examiner, 8-8-10
· New Medicare Report: Is It Based on a Rosy Scenario?, Edmund L. Andrews, Fiscal Times and Kaiser Health News, 8-6-10
· Americans aren't buying Obama's unconstitutional health care law, Karen Harned, Washington Examiner, 8-6-10
· Demystifying the Emergency Room Bill, Lesley Alderman, New York Times, 8-6-10
· Are HSAs Doomed Under ObamaCare?, Grace-Marie Turner, Investor's Business Daily, 8-6-10
· War on reform may backfire, Micah Weinberg, Politico, 8-6-10
· Starving ObamaCare, Philip Klein, American Spectator, August 2010
· Repealing ObamaCare, William F. Jasper, New American, 8-6-10
· Obamacare Takes a Beating, Editorial, National Review Online, 8-6-10
· McCollum v. ObamaCare, Kimberly A. Strassel, Wall Street Journal, 8-6-10
· Repeal gains momentum, Deroy Murdock, Washington Times, 8-5-10
· Missouri pops the ObamaCare-media bubble, Ed Morrissey, Hot Air, 8-5-10
· Two cheers for federal court's Virginia health care suit decision, Ilya Somin, Washington Examiner, 8-5-10
· Bay State Health-Care Blues, Paul Howard, National Review Online, 8-5-10
· ObamaCare: The sum of all fears, Mary Katharine Ham and Guy Benson, Hot Air, 8-5-10
· Health Care Reform, British Style, Editorial, New York Times, 8-5-10
· Show Me ObamaCare, Editorial, Wall Street Journal, 8-5-10
· Orszag and Klein vs. Ryan, James C. Capretta, NRO's "Critical Condition," 8-4-10
· The Missouri Vote: Even Worse for Dems than It Looks, Michael Tanner, NRO's "Critical Condition," 8-4-10
· The Show-Me State Sends a Message, Henry Olsen, NRO's "Critical Condition," 8-4-10
· Mo. to O.: 'No', James Taranto, Wall Street Journal, 8-4-10
· Our Opinion: Hidden health bill tax costly to business, Editorial, Imperial Valley Press, 8-4-10
· Docs: Running to Stand Still, Thomas P. Miller, The American, 8-4-10
· Saying No Is Not Nihilism, Michael Tanner, NRO, 8-4-10
· ObamaCare and the Constitution-An Update, Betsy McCaughey, Wall Street Journal, 8-4-10
· Obamacare is just the beginning, Editorial, Washington Examiner, 8-4-10
· Lost Opportunity: Will Obamacare kill Indiana's promising experiment in health-care reform?, Paul Howard, City Journal Online, 8-3-10
· The Shameless Medicare Propaganda Continues, James C. Capretta, NRO's "Crtical Condition," 8-3-10
· The virtues of Ryan's roadmap, Ezra Klein,, 8-3-10
· Ezra Klein on Paul Ryan, Avik Roy, NRO's Critical Condition, 8-3-10
· Seniors will suffer under Obamacare, Sally Pipes, Washington Examiner, 8-3-10
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· The Obama Health Plan: Rationing, Higher Taxes, and Lower Quality Care, Peter Ferrara, Heartland Institute, August 2009
· What the States' Experience with Mandates Should Tell Us about Universal Healthcare Coverage, Scott Harrington, American Enterprise Institute, 8-14-09
· The Health Care Crisis Ain't What It Used to Be: Personal Spending on Non-Health Goods and Services Has Increased by One-Third Since 1995, John R. Graham, Pacific Research Institute, August 2009
· Outline of Individual and Employer Coverage under House Health Care Reform Bill, Gerald Prante, Tax Foundation, 8-12-09
· What's the Prognosis for Obama's Health Care Plan?, Arthur Laffer, Texas Public Policy Institute, 8-5-09
· Killing Americans by Stifling Medical Innovation: The Medical Device "Safety" Act of 2009, Hans A. von Spakovsky, The Heritage Foundation, 8-4-09
· A Federal Health Insurance Exchange Combined with a Public Plan: The House and Senate Bills, Robert E. Moffit, The Heritage Foundation, 7-30-09
· Not What the Doctor Ordered, Illinois Policy Institute, 7-31-09
· Fannie Med? Why a "Public Option" Is Hazardous to Your Health, Michael F. Cannon, Cato, 7-28-09
· Illusions of Cost Control in Public Health Care Plans, Robert A. Book, The Heritage Foundation, 7-24-09
· Competitive Pricing for All Medicare Health Plans, Robert F. Coulman, Roger Feldman, and Bryan E. Dowd, American Enterprise Institute, July 2009

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