Medical Progress Today shows how market forces and capitalism can promote innovative new health technologies that save and extend human life, reduce disability, and help people lead more productive lives. It pulls together the best thoughts and best thinkers on these topics and serves as an online resource for those dedicated to pursuing medical progress in market driven, non-ideological approaches. Medical Progress Today is published by the Center for Medical Progress at the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research.


Managing Editor

Paul Howard, Ph.D. is a Senior Fellow and the Director of the Manhattan Institute's Center for Medical Progress. He is the managing editor of Medical Progress Today, a web magazine devoted to chronicling the connection between private sector investment and biomedical innovation, market-friendly public policies, and improved health.

As editor, he has written on a wide variety of medical policy issues, including medical malpractice, FDA reform, and Medicare policy initiatives. He is often quoted on health care issues and his columns have appeared in newspapers across the country, including the New York Post, Dallas Morning News, Investor's Business Daily and WashingtonPost.com. He is also a member of the Manhattan Institute's Project FDA, a committee of physician-scientists, economists, medical ethicists, and policy experts. Their purpose is to show how 21st-century technologies can help better inform FDA regulations and accelerate the drug-development and drug-approval process while maintaining drug safety.

When Paul first joined the Manhattan Institute in 2000, he worked as the Deputy Director for the Center for Legal Policy where he edited research papers, managed legal policy analyses and organized conferences.




David Gratzer, a physician, is a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute. Dr. Gratzer's research interests include Medicare and Medicaid, drug reimportation, and FDA reform. Nobel laureate Milton Friedman suggests that Dr. Gratzer is "a natural-born economist." David Gratzer's most recent book, with Foreword by Milton Friedman, is The Cure: How Capitalism Can Save American Health Care (Encounter Books, October 2006).




David R. Henderson is a research fellow with the Hoover Institution and an associate professor of economics at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California.  He earned his Ph.D. in economics from UCLA.  From 1982 to 1984, he was the senior economist for health policy with President Reagan's Council of Economic Advisers.

Henderson is the editor of The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics (Liberty Fund, 2008), now on the web at: http://www.econlib.org/library/CEE.html and the author of The Joy of Freedom: An Economist’s Odyssey.  He also blogs at Econlog.

He has testified before various U.S. Congressional Committees and before the Food and Drug Administration.  He has also appeared on C-SPAN, CNN, the Jim Lehrer Newshour, the O’Reilly Factor, and the Stossel show, and has done radio interviews with NPR, CBC, BBC, and many regional radio stations.  He has written for the New York Times, Barron’s, Fortune, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Public Interest, National Review, and Reason



Charles L. Hooper is President and co-founder of Objective Insights, Inc., a health care consulting company. Objective Insights is a firm dedicated to providing health care companies with the marketing and financial analysis they need to make informed decisions about their business opportunities. He is also a visiting fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University.




James P. Pinkerton is a contributor to the Fox News Channel and a regular panelist on the Fox “News Watch” show, the highest-rated media-critique show on television. In addition, he writes regularly for Foxnews.com.  

He is also the editor of SeriousMedicineStrategy.org.   In addition, he is a contributing editor to The American Conservative, and an adviser to the BMW Stiftung Herbert Quandt, the foundation of BMW. 

From 1993 to 2007, he was a twice-a-week columnist for Newsday.  He has written for publications ranging from The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Financial Times, The Los Angeles Times, USA Today, National Review, The New Republic, Foreign Affairs, Fortune, The Huffington Post, US News & World Report, The Washington Examiner, The Guardian, and The Jerusalem Post.  

He worked in the White House domestic policy offices of Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush and in the 1980, 1984, 1988 and 1992 presidential campaigns.  During the 2008 presidential campaign, he served as a senior adviser to the Mike Huckabee for President Campaign. 

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