Drowning in Morons

My organization, The American Council on Science and Health is conducting a pilot program to see if we can better spread our message via a Facebook campaign. So far it is going very well.

I am managing a page called "Infectious Diseases and Vaccines." I suggest you check it out. Entertaining and informative, in my humble opinion.

The good news is that the process is quite interactive and I have numerous opportunities to interact with the public.

The bad news is that the process is quite interactive and I have numerous opportunities to interact with the public.

Because over the past few weeks I have been exposed to such an array of stomach-churning idiocy that my Maalox budget for the whole year is already shot.

So, I thought I'd share. They are ordered in inverse proportion to the pH of my stomach when I first read them. Hope you have a robust digestive system.

1. I posted an amazing photo of an HIV-infected Kenyan man, showing him obviously near death in 2005, and looking like a triathlete in 2012--after he had been treated with antiretroviral drugs. There is no debating this photo or the miraculous transformation that took place. Or is there?

Some guy named Brian commented: Watch the "House of Numbers" He will succumb to liver failure due to the "wonder Drugs!"

Me: Hey Brian- You might want to bone up on your risk/benefit logic. Let's see: If he doesn't take the drugs he's dead 7 years ago. If he *does* take the drugs, he may or may not run into liver problems (and this is doubtful anyhow) X number of years from now. Don't know what you do for a living, but I hope it isn't practicing medicine.

Brian apparently doesn't know when to quit when he's behind: I am not a Dupe of Big Pharma, A yep! I practice Medicine! Likewise I hope you don't attempt the practice either!

Me: Brian- I am not a dupe either, although given the choice of being a dupe or a dope, I would choose the former. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess you are a chiropractor with an irrational anti-drug bias. But just in case I'm wrong, and you somehow have a medical degree (and may god help your patients), answer the following: if you have a patient who was infected with HIV, what would you do?

No more from Brian.

What will Brian come up with next? Here's my guess: "Hmm, I better not pick up this 20 dollar bill on the street, because if I do, I may stick it in my pocket for 7 years, then discover it and use it to buy a pastrami sandwich which might choke me to death."

2. Courtesy of Nancy: "I believe that the pharmaceutical industry has a cure for cancer, but keeps it secret so they can sell chemotherapy drugs."

I don't know why I'm even bother to humor her, but here goes. In order for her statement to be credible, all of the following criteria must be met:
a) The pharmaceutical actually has the knowhow to cure cancer. Not quite there yet. Having done oncology research I can safely say that they are just about as close to curing cancer as they are to curing death.
b) The shadowy executives that are withholding this cure obviously care more about money than the lives of their families (and themselves)-- many of whom will die from cancer.
c) The tens of thousands of scientists who have found this "cure" have all decided not to leak this information because they are afraid to lose their jobs--something which is happening anyhow.
d) You must be a moron.

Advice to Nancy: I read that the CIA has hidden a microchip in your toaster, which takes pictures of you when you are naked. You better check this out ASAP.

3. Saving the best for last, there is Tom. He is apparently not a big fan of vaccines. He's also not infatuated with our government:

"If Vaccines worked the Pharmaceutical companies would be cutting into their profit."
Comment: I have no idea what he's talking about.

"I don't wanna face a "REAL" virus if I was ready for the Dumb down version.."
Comment: I think he got his wish.

"I am not a Sheeple.... I have a brain free of Fluoride too..."
Comment: Fluoride is just one of many things Tom's brain is free of.

"9-11 was an inside job..... buy [sic] the U.S. Government, Buildings don't fall like that. building # 7 fell for no reason..."

Comment: Tom apparently needs a little vacation in the Rubber Ramada. I wish him well.

Seriously, it is more than vaguely disturbing that there are plenty of people out there that actually believe this stuff. And they are allowed to vote. And breed.

And people wonder why the U.S. ranks 27th out of 29 developed countries in the proportion of college graduates with degrees in science and education.

Too bad the pharmaceutical industry is also withholding a cure for idiocy. There is quite a market.



You brought up so many valid points. People truly are idiots and fail to educate themselves. Thanks for this, I laughed out loud.

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