Obama: We have a health care problem

Imagine that your car has been overheating and the starter motor is quickly failing. The wheel alignment is also askew. You take your car to a shop. The mechanic at the shop suggests installing a new battery, reupholstering the seats, and installing some oversized off-road tires. You protest that these proposed solutions won't address the key issues and will perhaps make them worse. After all, bigger tires will tax the car's engine, leading to more overheating. Instead of explaining how these fixes work help, your mechanic belittles you for being resistant to change and for not trusting his expert knowledge. He says that his approach is the only way to fix the problems your car faces. Reluctantly, you agree to the repairs.

After you get your car back from the garage, and the bill was double what you were expecting, the starting and overheating problems return in earnest. The alignment is worse than ever. When you contact your mechanic to alert him to the unfixed problems, he then tells you in a solemn voice that your car has an overheating and starting problem. Oh, and the alignment is off.

That's what you brought the car in for initially!!! That's what you wanted him to fix!

Unfortunately, this analogy describes President Obama's misdiagnosis and improper "fixes" to the nation's health care system. Obama described his flavor of health care reform as "one of the best ways--in fact maybe the only way--to reduce those long-term costs." Further, he called the Affordable Care Act "one of the biggest deficit reduction measures in history." He added: "Everybody who's looked at it says that every single good idea to bend the cost curve and start actually reducing health care costs are in this bill." But that didn't stop Obama from saying last week that, "We don't have a spending problem. We have a health care problem."

When the Affordable Care Act passed, Obama said that "From this day forward, all of the cynics, all the naysayers--they're going to have to confront the reality of what this reform is and what it isn't." Okay, if Obamacare doesn't really help reduce health care costs and doesn't really reduce the federal budget deficit, then what does it do, Mr. President?

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