Last Friday, HHS released a deluge of Obamacare regulations.

And state insurance commissioners are not happy. From Politico:

Friday's new rules included a 373-page HHS regulation that covers risk adjustment in the exchanges, cost-sharing limits and user fees for the federal exchanges; a 122-page Office of Personnel Management rule that spells out the guidelines for the Multi-State Plan Program; and the Internal Revenue Service put out a 42-page rule on the Medicare payroll tax that will be charged to high-income earners to help pay for the law.

But the sudden deluge of regulations doesn't change the fact that insurance commissioners have been kept waiting for months, and they say the delays have made their jobs significantly harder.

Until now, most of the loudest complaints about the lack of guidance on the Affordable Care Act came from Republican governors. But at the insurance commissioners' conference this week, the officials in the trenches implementing the law -- even in states that have been its strongest supporters -- quietly expressed the same concerns. ...

"We're still very much depending on getting further guidance from HHS. There are still some major gaps," said Washington State Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler, whose state has long pursued its own exchange. "The timetable that we have is going to be a real challenge. ... We're still plowing ahead but without some of this critical guidance from the federal government, it's going to be very difficult."
Very, very difficult indeed. My friend Steve Parente and I basically said the same thing last week. And last year too, for that matter. Stay tuned for more developments.

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