Doctors turn on health reform law, Medicare cost cutting programs fail, and more

In a USA Today op-ed, Dr. Marc Siegel explains why the 2010 Affordable Care Act (aka "Obamacare") doesn't seem to be winning many friends among physicians.

The Hill reports that the CBO has found that Medicare demonstration programs designed to slash spending while improving quality "have mostly failed," undercutting hopes among supporters of the Affordable Care Act that similar demonstration projects included in the law will bear fruit. In fact, CBO analyzed "six programs designed to improve care coordination for patients with chornic diseaseses [and found that] they either made no difference or were actually more expensive than the traditional payment system. (Here's the Director's blog with more details.)

Is health care the next frontier for big data, Ben Rooney asks at the Wall Street Journal. Yes, but why is it taking so long for datasharing to become the new normal for doctors and patients?

When did "Big Pharma" get so big and bad and how might it recast its reputation, asks Han Zhong at the American Action Forum.

Reuters explains how combining targeted skin cancer drugs may produce better outcomes and fewer side effects for patients.

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Rhetoric and Reality—The Obamacare Evaluation Project: Cost
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