Senator Al Franken...endorses FDA Reform (not a typo)

Earlier this week, U.S. Senator Al Franken (D, MN) and Senator Lamar Alexander (R, TN) released draft legislation that would, among other things, relax the FDA's conflicts of interest standards to better ensure that the agency can get timely access to the expert advice it needs to approve new medicines and medical devices.

From the press release:

"After speaking with countless patients, doctors, and members of the medical device industry in Minnesota, I've learned that certain barriers in the regulatory process are making it harder to get patients the medical devices they need," said Sen. Franken. "My legislation would remove unnecessary barriers so that these critical medical devices get to the patients that need them as quickly and safely as possible."

Bipartisan FDA reform efforts seem to be breaking out all over Congress.

Check your local zoo. The lions may be lying down with the lambs.

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