Healthcare Reform... The Job's Not Done

The Supreme Court's recent announcement that it would examine the constitutionality of PPACA in the spring was not surprising; in fact, bloggers and pundits were predicting the announcement for quite some time. So by this time next year, the Supreme Court may have overturned the law because Congress has exceeded their constitutional authority by mandating that U.S. citizens must purchase particular products or face financial penalties.

But regardless of what happens on Constitutional grounds, PPACA has heralded a new level of bureaucracy (approximately 2700 pages worth) only adding complexity and cost to a system desperately needing reform. While PPACA took on the insurance sector and attempted to create 'access' for uninsured Americans and coverage for pre-existing conditions, it did so at great cost, and didn't deal with the fundamental issues of delivery and payment reform. Ironically, and predictably, costs rose 9% in 2010 and are projected to continue down this path.

Until we address fundamental business model changes in healthcare -- focused on transparency, accountability and market based innovation centered on the consumer -- nothing will really change for the better. Everyone agrees on two things... the system is broken... and someone else needs to fix it.

Healthcare is an industry in transition -- globally. It faces sweeping regulatory change, changes in competition, technology and market expectations. At these times, innovative companies able to challenge base assumptions about their business -- their consumers, the products and services they offer and how they go-to-market -- will be the winners.

Whatever happens in the Supreme Court, we need to finish the job and do it right.

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