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Generic drugmakers warn that rising costs of FDA manufacturing inspections are causing shortages of critical generic drugs.

Larry Kotlikoff explains why corporate income taxes are regressive.

President Obama's proposal to slash market exclusivity for biotech medicines - and industry's angry response.

Hypermutations enable deadly prostate cancers to resist treatment. (More evidence that "genomic chaos" underpins cancer's lethal power.)

CLASS program is closed, erasing $70 billion in deficit reduction - that may never have existed anyway.

House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan delivers his vision for health care reform.

Surprise, surprise: employer health insurance premiums are up. (You can find the full study here.) 

Fight intensifies over proposed Medicare drug rebates.  (For more detail on what's at stake, see this recent report from the American Action Forum.)

FDA scrutinizes potentially higher risk of blood clots for certain birth control pills. 

The new issue of National Affairs is out.

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Rhetoric and Reality—The Obamacare Evaluation Project: Cost
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